Empire market is subject to regular ddos attacks

Empire Market ddos

Nowadays exist a huge number of different darknet markets. Empire Market site is a largest among them, which has a whole army of users. Empire market earned a leading position for the fact that for a long time it provided its users with reliable and stable operation, and it was also never seen in the theft of funds from user accounts.

Yes, you heard right! Throughout the existence of darknet markets, fraudulent sites have appeared more than once that have been working honestly for a long time, but when their market began to gain popularity, they steal money from their customers’ accounts and close their site forever.

Empire market has been the most popular site for more than a year and is going to hold this position for a long time to come. Of course, the rest of the participants in the darknet, including fraudulent markets, do not like this outcome, since the Empire market takes a significant part of their future profit.

Of course, competitors didn’t just watch their customers run to a larger market. They teamed up and started mass purchasing ddos services to attack the empire market onion.

Almost all darknet markets are located on the “onion” network, access to which requires the installation of the TOR browser. This browser and sites located within its network are very well protected from the point of view of anonymity, but from the point of view of network security they are much weaker than the sites we are familiar with, therefore even the most noticeable ddos attack can disable a large “onion” site.

So Empire market turned out to be defenseless when meeting with ddos. The administration has long puzzled over how to protect its market from this scourge, because users began to experience difficulties in the form of lack of access. Because of the ddos, the Empire market servers were overloaded and it would take time to restart them.

The developers came up with a simple but very effective way to deal with this nuisance. They placed the market on different servers, thus when one server crashed, the rest continued to work as if nothing had happened. Thus, the Empire market began to appear many domains leading to their market, and their list is updated several times a day. The list of domains is available on the normal Internet (on sites such as ours). Fighting ddos on the regular Internet is much easier and competitors were unable to perform a DDoS attack sites with market domains.

In this way, the Empire market was able to correct a seemingly hopeless situation!